Honeycomb Foundations

We produce standard (Langstroth, Farar etc.) and custom-sized honeycomb foundations. Moreover, all of these foundations made out of your own wax are also available.

Research experience of hot casting production method gained over the years allowed us to refine this production process. Using this method, the wax structure remains intact, unlike in the wax pressing process.

Therefore, our wax honeycomb foundations are significantly thinner and lighter and yet stable and strong once installed and embedded in a wired frame. During hot summer temperatures honeycombs faced with increased honey input would not collapse nor bend and hence further narrow the passage of bees.

Honeycomb foundations produced in this way are also well accepted both by the honey queen bee (brood) as well as the honeybees.

The production process is fully automated. The sterilization process is electronically controlled and carried out at a temperature of 125°C (257°F) in the wax-melting tank equipped with temperature adjustment system. We therefore guarantee you that in our wax honeycomb foundations no single cause of wax-transferable bee disease can be found. In accordance with our philosophy stated in the motto Natural Way of Improving Life, the production process of our wax honeycomb foundations is chemical free.

How to use:
Due to the different properties of our wax honeycomb foundations, we recommend you to leave them for 24 h at room temperature before installing and embedding them in wired frame. Please note that we also recommend you to embed them at the temperature of 21°C (70°F) or higher.