About us

Taking the fact that 70 out of 100 crop species providing 90% of the world’s food are pollinated by bees, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that not only do bees make our lives sweeter and better, but they make it possible in the first place. We at Apivita do our best to make their lives better, too. It is precisely this interconnection of all life forms sustaining our planet that is emphasized in our company’s moto:


Our vision is to help bees live healthier and happier lives. We make this possible by providing beekeepers with purely natural products of the highest quality at affordable prices.

  • “I used to treat Nosema with various preparations though without any results. I have been using Nozevit since 2005 and I have noticed no Nosema in my beehive ever since.” — Svetozar Janković, beekeper, Livade, Croatia, http://www.istra-med.com