Your partner in beekeeping
Only natural ingredients

Nozevit is complementary feed for bees, it is completely natural herbal product, produced according to the traditional recipe from plant polyphenols and purified water.

- only natural ingredients
- leaves no residue in honey or wax
- suitable for eco beekeeping
- proven in continuous clinical and practical testing
- easy application

How to use:
Apply 1 ml (20 drops) per beehive in one of three possible ways:
1. In sugar syrup: add 1 ml of Nozevit in 200 ml of sugar syrup (in 1:1 ratio)
2. In pollen patty: add 1 ml of Nozevit per 500 g of patty
3. By spraying: add 1 ml of Nozevit in 200 ml of sugar syrup and spray the bees in the hive with it

Regardless of the way of usage, use Nozevit as a feed supplement 2 times in spring (10 days apart) and 2 times at the beginning of autumn (10 days apart).

Bottle of Nozevit: Annual dose (4 treatments) for:
1000 ml 250 beehives
500 ml 125 beehives
200 ml 50 beehives
50 ml 12 beehives

Available sizes: 50 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml.